Being a 24 hour locksmith could be a difficult task, at any given moment a call can come through and you’re out on the road. Whether it’s cold or wet you rush to a customer who is locked out, lost his car keys or stuck without a key and in need of your assistance.

Being a 24 hour locksmith also requires extra patience and alertness on the road since the job involves driving and sometimes in rough weather conditions or odd hours of the day. Many times I have received calls at 2 am and required to perform complicated tasks.

Personally I will say that from my experience working as a locksmith in some situations you have to be constantly on alert with yourself, sometimes there are customers who may take advantage of your services, some might think that your politeness and positivity is a sign of weakness or fear and take advantage of it but as a person you must remember “You always, have the right to defend yourself” as a locksmith who comes to a customer in the middle of the night I had experiences where I was afraid for my life and then the next day had to deal with customers who didn’t think that coming out at 2 am is not worth 60 or 70 dollars. Many good customers of mine don’t even know this but as a locksmith and a customer service provider at the same time, I had to deal with tough characters since we don’t really pick and choose our customers and many times got hurt personally.

“Sometimes your customer can get the best out of you” – Eli Abbasov

So why do I do this? Why do I keep on going? Here’s why – as a locksmith especially who can come to you when you really cold at 3am and you are freezing your life away under -15 degree mark lol who better than me knows it. You are desperate for someone to help you, so how great it is for me to wake up drive to you make you feel better and get recognition for it, it is a great feeling. Imagine how much greater it is when I am treated with respect with welcome and being trusted, if there is something I like most is being trusted. I love it when the customer trusts me it gives me so much energy so much motivation. This is why I do this; I served so many great customers so many great faces and personalities. I spark a conversation with all of them; we even might recognize each other in a local Walmart haha. It’s because when something is fixed it just feels amazing, the start of a car key or the turn of a lock-picked lock.

“If you feel amazing, so will your customers” – Eli Abbasov

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