Business VS. Friendship And Lock Changes In Waterloo

Lock changes don’t happen so often, maybe once in a year or even 5 years depending on how often you move. Your job or perhaps your life will take you, just let EA Locksmith do the locksmith job and the rest is fate. Ok back to what we were about to witness.

{On an early Monday afternoon, I picked up the phone and dialed EA Locksmith in Waterloo to schedule a lock change for my business and guess who happened to answer the call? The Mr. CEO himself he did sound serious and in no time I was giving him my address for the lock change; due to heavy recommendations online I decided to pick him as my locksmith of choice. I remember him mentioning an accident and I promised him that for a reasonable discount I will take a look at his work truck. After all, we are all local business owners trying to look after each other. Today I am helping, tomorrow I might be needing help that’s how simple life is.

I was surprised to meet a quite a shy fella, and I briefly explained to him what needs to be done. While talking I noticed the dent in his work vehicle, it was a machine punch like dent on the right-hand side fender, I asked how it happened and the locksmith explained that we all prone to mistakes and his mistake was driving through a car wash with his flag on hanging off the antenna. The employee mentioned of course it could be a problem yet didn’t do enough to prevent it the locksmith explained.

I wondered how a locksmith in Waterloo can take care of that, he replied it was such a silly accident that he kept it just to remind himself how silly it was. Makes me wonder how many mistakes like this one customer make on a daily. Lockouts, lock repairs you name it. We all feel silly sometimes but it’s just the way of nature. Business is booming and the train is all built up, and who will use it if you ask me; maybe the people who will power our economy in 20 years from now. Today, it’s empty. After exchanging our experiences and thoughts about silly accidents such as this one we got to a conclusion that an $8 dollar car wash and a very expensive fender repair, as a result, seems like a typical unexpected repair which is common these days and should only result at that. Health is your most important partner, when health fails you both mentally and physically you can become disabled so wasting less health on events like these is the best advice. Moving forward.

Deep conversations I had with my newly made business friend, it’s as if we knew each other long time. It’s awesome, to be understood and of course, appreciated as I am his business customer.

After the locks were done I gladly offered to get the gentleman a spare part of his vehicle as a gratitude for his amazing services. I have my connections and spare parts are available to me as a part of my job and a task such as this one won’t be an issue for me to fulfill. At the beginning, he politely refused my offering but said in his culture it’s good to accept gifts in order to feel gratitude so I might change his mind. I reassured him I will help him in return for being trustworthy. He thought I was kidding although he did give me his VIN for parts match and we went our separate waze.

A week later we met and installed the parts I was promising him. He was happy to see his work truck looking new again so he could forget this accident and move on which I was happy to be a part of. You see the secret here, is not only helping yourself move on but help others too and you’ll move on as well as time goes.

In the end he asked if he could tell the story online, he mentioned how he likes to post new articles to boost his presence and image online. You know what a 40+-year-old person thinks about online, I simply do not care.

I see people come and go, but characters always stay with me in my memory. Treat your business neighbors with respect, after all, we come and go but we remember and time is priceless.

Waterloo Lock Change ON SITE JPEG

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