Business With The Tech Giants

Recently during my conversation with one of my friends in the trade about better business building, I realized that the biggest challenge these days are the bigger guys. The tech Giants are moving in to cash in on us. How many commercials you get on your YouTube channel lately? Lots! Then let’s not forget the Facebook tag which is embedded into every website in order to track you and follow you back into your favorite bubble called Facebook! We are glued to it, it feeds us too much information which we are subjected to I call it “useful” information about your relatives and friends which you have never spoken to. Also, I have to mention a word about the fantastic promo’s which are being drilled into our heads just to distract you from what you really need. I can tell you the average person these days have no clue how to manipulate his Facebook account into being adds free and “feed friendly”! What “feed friendly”? Yes friendly! Not everything you see is good for you. The Giants give a 0 care when it comes to demand driven by deception. What?

It’s being taken advantage of without regards to realistic measures. What are they those measures? Is there measures by which the Giants can operate. Who are they, anywhere you go they are there. Talking about the tech giants, in particular, I call it the platform of distractions or displatform.

I guess it’s too hard to be average these days. Our new reality opened up a new cash flow for the advanced and someone is having it really good so I have decided to get to the bottom of it. Well, eventually.

Every time you think you know something, you know nothing and every time you think you know nothing you meet someone who reminds you of the current knowledge you possess {reminding you that you actually know something} because we all carry knowledge with us. Some of it is valuable and some of it is less, like Facebook content. But! These things can make you also if you use these as a tool and do not let it dictate your day, I have to write it today so you don’t get carried away {and we have seen what social media can cause} things are taken away, hidden from you by those giants who feed you slowly sloOwly.

“It took them over 10 years to embed USB’s in your cars and ask yourself how long did the USB existed for?”

Well, that’s business these days, it’s not how much you make at the end of the day; it’s how much is left, and as our expenses pile up you wonder what you did wrong. As our reality changes the bigger guys are actually the same people as you {and me} they just spend more time reading maybe, yet still, we all have our loops, muds, puddles, and troubles which we are stuck in. Trust me I’ve seen.

Often it becomes harder to get to the real truth and the real facts and you’re just blinded by the lights. No matter who you are in the world, those tech giants who are taking it really easy with you at the moment might just take advantage of your incapability’s tomorrow. I am talking average. Like me. Just so you won’t say I didn’t tell you so!

I asked my one of my friends about his business and I found out that strangers tend to trust me a lot more than my friends and really what there is in the way? Jealousy? There is nothing to be jealous of, behind every creation lays its flaws and we all have them. I learned it from a very old book {call it “The Book Of Eli” if you want to} that jealousy destroys our world. It says in the book that the essential feeling of jealousy is in our instinct and bowing to your instincts instead of using them right way is well, destroys our world. How we achieve something with jealousy? Our imaginations are as far as our self-control. Enough Though.

Here’s what Business with the giants looks like, frustrating and health costly. I rather spent more time reading about it than working on it but then how can you learn without the actual input process. It’s hard for some. A friend told me “why don’t you read about it?” I told him “I speak three languages man from different continents what do I look like superman?” Yes I read, awesome but no comprende!


Take knowledge and spread it, in the end there is only supply when there’s a demand. There is nothing that controls demand except new demand {think about it} and we are the demand.


The question remains still, how can a locksmith in Waterloo possibly explain to you what’s going on?

Many business owners I have met not far in their 30′s and 40′s who have no clue how to simply run their business online are often lost and taken advantage of. You don’t have to make money online; you just have to run your business online to secure your place in the system. The tech Giants are a part of that system cashing in and here’s why; in 2016 I launched a site on Godaddy called simply to test my shitty HTML abilities and to boost my presence online. The reason I chose Godaddy is because I was certain that such platform can put me ahead of the game, easy access and quick launch. After the setup everything was going steady and the webpage climbed well as I perfected some SEO factors not to mention all the fights with Godaddy in which I would usually lose the battle but win the war. What I discovered was interesting:

As a newbie – If you are starting out with a site and you are not up to date with the latest plugins which you will need for your site then you will run your site through a service provider like WIX.COM, Hostgator, Godaddy,, and the list goes on and watch this – Google themselves now offer (since early 2017) your own free business site and before you know it google might be just offering you a payperyear platform for your website-builder {just wondering}. The point is, no matter where you go someone will try to put you on a plan. It’s like “don’t worry we will do it for you” kind of thing and then 3 years later, your site is hmmm well looking like me after 32 years.

As a pro – Ugly, outdated and falling apart but hey it’s not the age, it’s how many battles you have fought through and made things happen. I look at myself first and yes I did call myself ugly!

We are all far from pros, the biggest secret is with the achiever.

Be prepared is not just a say, it’s the key. The hard truth that we aren’t always prepared for what we are about to deal with, so getting prepared when dealing with such Tech Giants is important. Every interaction with them will be through your pocket. Not immediately but {sloowwly} read about the products they offer and find credible information, not the paid content!

Little Baby Zebra.jpg

Baby Steps:
I can recommend only one thing, use the basics. Sometimes the basic tools are the best for beginners who are struggling with complex HTML5 commands. But always remember all those “easy” platforms are less durable and you have no access to your piece of art. It is because durability with the tech Giants goes as far as your pocket and I work with them all so who knows better than your local Waterloo locksmith!

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