Growing Your Business Goals 2018 – Happy New Year!


Oh well, it’s best to say something than nothing at all. Saying is important because not saying is leaving a void which can be harmful sometimes. At the same time avoid saying too much, there is always a healthy dose which someone can handle. As we unfold our 2017 experiences and sip through the memories we can always find lessons to learn and to remember.

Recent events of 2017 are very important to read and understand. Anything comes with manuals instructions and requires a huge effort to figure out. For example, if you want to watch television you have now at least 3 main ways to do it; through Wi-Fi; through Cable or Through Satelite. My mother recently informed me she is switching off her cable services because she watches Youtube most of the time. What does that tell you?

{Dilema: Keep the subscription? Or simply stop paying!}

Are you a dedicated SiriusXM subscriber or you are just using all the freebies that all the tech companies give around? Those “Free one-year subscription” or “one month trial” software and applications. If you are a QuickBooks app user you know what I mean those costs tend to pile up as additional subscription type of costs. Anything in 2018 comes with some sort of a subscription and it’s becoming to be the trend of the new year. {I can count 3 phone calls from SiriusXM with the automated subscription reminder while writing this article lol}


If you are your own DJ then you know how to take advantage of the big guys; after all, it’s about mixing and timing. The planet is filling up with new subscriptions. The old model of customer club membership became the new subscribe and pay per month type of deal and so we are pretty much chained to the rhythm.

“Your dreams go as far as your effort” – 2018 will look exactly how you will make it. You can’t really shape your year but you can make a big impact and maybe change an attitude as well as your ways.

quickbooks App 2018.pngPart 1 The Business:

The business in 2018 looks a whole different than in 2017 and previous years, new strategies flood the online and offline market combined. Some capitalize and some just learn to understand the whole picture. The tech market seems to be the most promising and web development as a tool to successfully manage your projects seems to be a vital part of your business day.

Things like time and organization are the essentials of any successful machine, anything has its order. Spending time on things that feel like less important often can help us achieve bigger goals.

As our world grows, growing your business with it is important. Organizing files differently and shifting new and more efficient management tools into gear. Picking those tools which will help your business to grow while maintaining the current.

Your business will require video editing tools for your business ads, you will require web tools for your business site and how did you manage to forget about all the social platforms which you need to operate at the same time. It is when time becomes limited we become aware of its rareness. Time becomes a rare asset especially when moving at the speed of 100+ MB/s!

What should we spend time on in 2018 is the question of this post. What do I want to spend time on in 2018? Here is a target list as such:

  • Developing local business

Local business KW 2018

  • Listening to a friend/relative

Happy Holidays from EA Locksmith

  • Remembering to live the little moments


  • Reconsider the attitude

Mess clean up 2017

Part 2 The point:

You can’t grow anything unless you grow yourself and you can re-edit your piece at least 4-5 times and still feel like you didn’t really hit the spot. I guess more practice is always the answer. The old Russian say goes like “Winter without the snow – it’s like summer without bread” if you get it good for you! After all, it’s old eh!

No matter what 2018 has in stock I personally wish you a happy new year and bring you yet another Russian say about the new year; actually, it’s the old year which is being brought up before us as we psychologically reset our goals. Russians tend to say many toasts to say goodbye to the ending year, sharing experiences while drinking vodka. One of the famous toasts goes like this:

New year is near and we are waiting

To leave our worries behind,

Those problems which we’re dragging

We keep on trying yet no answer is in sight

Let’s raise our toasts and drink le-haim {that wasn’t part of the Russian version}

To those who stand with us tonight!

Forget your troubles leave them rested

As we escape our memories tonight,

I hope that no one gets arrested

Make sure to hide the vodka bottles from plain site! {It was like that in Russian believe me}

You can attempt the Russian version but it might hurt your teeth.


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