2018 Winter: EA Locksmith In Waterloo

We all find ourselves in the most interesting situations, situations that put us in the hands of our own faith and our own decision-making process. Our ability to withstand failure is often at a disadvantage. We tend to be wrong more than we are right at times and naturally it seems that it’s easier to cause a problem rather than solve it. It is something about the nature of our well being that is riddled with obstacles.
Some of us think of the worse and tend to nervously seek for a rescue rather than calming ourselves down and using our mind to navigate us through these obstacles.

Every day we spend our lives working on a job or a project, seeking happiness, trust, and commitment to one another. Yet we tend to cause more harm than good, asking ourselves frequently what is defined as harm? Is starting your car is a harmful act? Not if you are helping another person in their troubles or getting food supplies for your family. But this is not the case anymore.

We seem to blindly rely on technology to guide us and we are feeding ourselves what we believe to be the right answers today, just to wake up tomorrow and find some of those answers to be wrong or proven differently. What is the point of all this?

You, yourself and your mind processing. Have you ever been cut on the road by an angry person? Someone who is impatient and careless. That person can become you in an instant if given the right circumstance. We are all prone to changes given our nature of reality. Change reality, change of nature.

As 2018 begins with fluctuating winter, Waterloo region enjoys many fresh investors in the pot sector and some say the tech sector. Local news such as CTV and TheRecord did the report on potential interest in KW by large corporations despite Trump’s tax cuts and benefits for corporations. In addition, Google also is looking to expand it’s AI development fleet and there are rumors that Kitchener-Waterloo might enjoy some of that development. However, we as people are in charge to take direction on the matter of AI (Artificial Intelligence). As Google plans to integrate your home, car, and cell phone together into one block of a foundation. Hopefully, when purchasing a house in the near future you can simply add the Google home feature and enjoy an implemented AI system to guide you through life! Question, how affordable this piece of an idea will be for us and how friendly and secure this type of lifestyle is for us as people both socially and psychologically. Perhaps the new generation of the new era which actually began 18 years ago will see AI better for what it will become.

So far there has been much criticism and who possibly can tell if that investment is what will actually progress our region forward is only google themselves. Because while prime minister Trudeau is not focusing on the techiest country in the world and the manufacturer of Skype, Whatsapp, Waze and many other technological innovations Google, in fact, does and Waze users have increased dramatically since 2013. The idea here is simple, we cannot live forever but we can create something which lives in our name forever. The last question, however, is how much of our time is spent creating that “something” versus time spent on actual living and being conscious without being lost in thought or subjective reality.

Waterloo Weather 2018

As the tech sector continues to develop in Waterloo region; who can come to the rescue when your consciousness is being disrupted by the stress of losing your business keys or car keys in Waterloo? Your local EA Locksmith in Waterloo!
Ask yourself, how many times you thought you have lost your keys, dropped your keys or forgot them somewhere and ended up finding them. What a relief! Then, think again because not always odds are in our favor, as history did show there is a chance of Murphy in this scenario. Therefore having your business locks in Waterloo and having your car keys services by EA Locksmith in Waterloo can be a good idea in case of an emergency!

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