Commercial Exit Hardware Devices: Von Duprin 98/99

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As you all know commercial hardware needs to be reliable and should be longlasting to avoid setbacks. One good piece of hardware we will mention today which we use in our commercial locksmith in Waterloo is the exit device by the name Von Dupin 98/99 made by Alegion .

These heavy-duty commercial push pads have same typical functionalities but come in different sizes. These exit devices are certified to the highest level of industry standards. These exit devices are also used in schools, hospitals, and public spaces etc.


– The constant need for update and improvement requires such product which can withstand upgrades and improvements as well. Remember your iPod 2 or iPod 3 made by Apple which became outdated over time due to software changes and improvements which were impossible to apply. In the case of our commercial exit device, updates and upgrades are possible. In fact, you can apply this push bar with all types of outside trim functions like “night latch” or “dunny trim”. This device can be upgraded to a fire type device or alarm sound device.

– Highly resilient, you can imagine that your traffic in your commercial space can directly impact on your lock wear and tear. Good quality highly rated products such as the 98/99 can definitely deliver.


– Definitely the price: alarm exit devices range anywhere from $1,200  to $1,600 when purchased locally.


– This multifunctional exit device is able to be converted into many functions which cover your needs. Alarm sound upon opening the door, fire door, or simply a rim type lock cylinder with a strike. Almost any function is possible, and with a help of a local Waterloo locksmith, you can get it installed in your commercial space to better cover your commercial business lock needs.

– Additional functions like rim lock type and external functions are on demand. Locking up your business can be done also with a double cylinder using the cx98/99


Link to the full manual – CX98/99

For the finish: As one of the top on-site Locksmiths in Waterloo EA Locksmith is always happy to assist you with your commercial hardware needs.

Note that installing this device for the first time in a commercial structure require a fire marshal check and approval.

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