Fraud Prevention Part 1 – Canada’s Awareness

There are all types of fraud, but in this post, we would like to focus on only 2 phishing scams and phone call scams. This post will also be updated as our awareness of this subject, together, expands.

One of the most common ways to scam these days on a massive scale are phishing scams

If you own a business or your phone is within reach to the public you will be most likely bombarded with phone calls of from all types of organizations which are trying to sell you a service and sadly some of those calls often turn to scam and harassment calls.

Telephone Scams 2018:


It is common to get a call like “your business info on Google is out of date or needs to be handled”. Recently the calls got heavier when the fraudsters realized that Google is changing their Google My Business policy on Google Maps and removing p.o box businesses so they generated calls which call from a local Kitchener-Waterloo number 519-723-3533 or at least it appeared to be local. The call was fraudulent simply due to the nature of the call, the voice was explaining how there is a business which will be removed if not handled and there was some sort of “only now” offer which didn’t seem like Google type automated system.

These type of calls are often automated and the number is remote, it seems to me that the whole world is trying to scam Canada. Often when wondering about it realizations keep appearing. But how bad really is the issue of fraud can go, and the answer is that when things become systematic then there is almost no chance to stop it.

All of us people being connected to one source of online power and making it easier for fraudsters to take advantage of our weaknesses. Calculate our flaws ahead of time. How do we make it harder for fraudsters to get to us? This, in fact, was the main topic at the Fraud Prevention Seminar For Business Owners & Employees.

The topic that Waterloo Police was trying to address is that they can handle any type of information regarding fraud especially if the damage was done or there are high amounts involved. However, the notion was that they are behind a little on the smaller issues like dealing with other cyber crimes like negative publishing and any online cyberbullying possible in terms of business to business. The feeling was that each business is on his own, and seeing such picture the suggestion is for each business to develop a strategy for self-defence and arm yourself with a cyber genius to protect and secure your future.

The ages of physically installing false mules in your laptop or desktop ip key are too old. These days a hacker can penetrate with a piece of trojan software sitting pretty much in any corner then he can collect data on you as you go. Watching your ip activity. There is more than you can imagine. Always.

Any telephone text message, a call which needs to be checked needs to be checked and next time that the fraudsters get close to fooling you because they apparently know your habits please re-check yourself and do not jump to conclusions.

CRA does not call customers and threaten them with legal action, they communicate with letters and use your SIN to confirm communication. Also, they provide an explanation for what you have been charged.

to be continued…


Email Phishing Scams:

Email_scamsAnother topic of conversation at the Fraud Prevention Seminar was the phishing emails. It’s those emails you would receive that doesn’t add up, like a service request for a job which is not clear or there are details missing. Another type of phishing email scam is the clickable scams, where you either click on a link thinking it’s legitimate and then you get either infected and information could leak out of your laptop and browsers.

Those emails are intended to gain information about you or make you do something you do not want.

Those fraudsters use emails for more complex fraudulent activities like establishing a relationship to extort money or information. Predators would stock your activity and then catch you off-guard by hoping you will assume to comply with their agenda at a certain point in time which is called the attack time. Because just like in any attack timing is also a success rate factor. Like timing, the CRA calls closer to the CRA season or timing scam calls close to a certain event like elections. You have to spot the problem early.


Spot the Fraudster:

Anyone who has genuine intentions must provide information that adds up to appear genuine. This information then needs to be verified and without verifying there is no compliance. Just like in an investigation, each detail must be considered and verified.

Remember, a fraudster would pray on your weakness so weakness is your best weapon to lure the fraudster close enough to catch him.

Genuine people provide genuine explanations if you received a call and the information doesn’t add up you must cut the line of information instantly. Block.


Next in our conversation… Fraud Prevention Part 2 – Business Bullying Online. Those are tactics used by hackers to extort money from businesses through hacking and erasing or withholding information. This trend has become more common and heavily increased in the past ten years around the world and in Canada alone.


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2 thoughts on “Fraud Prevention Part 1 – Canada’s Awareness

  1. Hi Eli, I had a similar incident of someone trying to call me from Venezuela, bit too far to travel for work as I’m in the UK. I think this may be one of the scam techniques you mentioned, if I answered they may have been able to hack my device or run up the bill remotely (do not have β€œauto answer” feature on) and secondly, I had a call on my home phone, no reference to whom it was intended but to press 1 to speak to a case worker, hung up instead, nobody but myself and the telephone provider has that number! Again probable scam!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment David! Most likely it’s information grab.
      In order to steal your data on device the fraudsters can only hack your device by sending you malicious downloadable software. Only when downloaded can be activated. Basically dont download nothing you don’t know! Even a file looking like a receipt can contain a harmful algorithm software.

      Liked by 1 person

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