Over the course of the last few weeks, I have encountered a phenomenon which sparked my mind to write about this subject. As I believe in justice and I do not believe that our current enforcement agencies are ahead on the subject of enforcing real justice I see the flaws. We all see them but we chose to ignore as we are helpless. The feeling which I am about to test to prove my assumptions true or wrong by reporting any suspicious activity  I stumble on to the Canadian Anti Fraud Center. By doing that I will be testing their abilities to pursue early investigations rather than waiting for the damage to be done. We don’t like to be the learning puppets is what I would ask. As a run-away from war type of character, I encourage peace. Attacks on the peaceful and the tolerant shouldn’t be tolerated.

So, on that note, it sparked my mind to write about this subject. Not because of those who read my words and perhaps find some sort of closing in them. But because of those who abuse and prey on the weak. If you ask me I could never say I am the strongest and no one really is. It’s all a matter of circumstance. There’s a time you are on top and there is a time when your rock bottom. The bigger the risk the bigger the fall and unfortunately, what’s at risk here is our personal information.

Over the past few weeks our blog has been witnessing this spammy followers trend, increasingly there are email followers who do not add up to their email addresses. If there is a chance that you have a weird fake looking email follower then you should examine it and immediately delete it. However, there is a new tactic where you will not be able to see the follower in your WordPress email followers list. You will not be able to delete the follower. At this point immediately contact WordPress.com for support and report the incident.

Spammy email followers might not cause damage instantly but over a period of time, overall it is best to avoid them.

Lastly, I would definitely recommend downloading and saving your site in multiple places, there are continuous attempts from hackers all over the US and from other parts of the world where hackers would hack a site and then attempt extortion tactics. When checking it seems that a specific IP address repeats itself attempting to hack our locksmith service site in Waterloo ON named http://www.ealocksmithwaterloo.ca

spammy_followers 2.jpg

It is interesting that the attempts are from the same IP address it perhaps says something. The best way is to report all details to The Fraud Prevention Center.