Self Growth: Violence & Self Fixing

What is violence? It is a behavior which can include physical force or verbal abuse intended to hurt and cause damage to someone or something.

Hunting an animal for dinner in my view is also an act of violence. Once when witnessing a slaughter of a pig on a farm I felt deep pain during those terrifying moments. Seeing a living thing suffer made me feel terribly wrong about the nature of our environment and life structure in general.

The topic of this conversation is not to solve our world hunger problems by providing nutrition sources which won’t require as much violence but to talk about the nature of violence and how we let it control our emotions and actions.

To make it all easy to understand, watching others suffer inflicts a deep internal wound on one which can also give an extreme circumstance to create the typical product of a hero such as a superman or any other superhero which cannot stay indifferent to suffering endured on others. In reality, some are taught to stay put and let violence occur while some are deeply intolerant of it.

We can all feel and process the strength of an emotion which can lead to violent responses both physical or verbal. There will be a point in time where we get angry and may engage in some sort of violence. Sometimes it is completely unnecessary and harmful to our environment. Controlling your actions and calculating consequences is almost inevitable in some cases.

“Your actions are a direct result of your thoughts, therefore keeping your thoughts in line with a logical and factual decision-making process has a huge impact on the overall quality of life”

– Eli Abbasov

Pain: It is part of living and it is inevitable. We feel pain in many forms, many times as one can be called a coward simply due to fear of pain it is strange to me that one can also acquire zero tolerance to it. As we learn to deal with emotional pain coming and passing in each potential moment of reality we understand that not everyone can easily overcome their pains. Our pain is our strength it is the motor of our evolution, however, we are numb when we are in it. Often we need external help to relieve our charged up emotions.

For example: Imagine being hungry and being in an argument, your response can vary given your current state of mind. Especially if this tendency exists in your surroundings.

No wonder that we are what we are a witnessing and we could have been shaped differently given a different circumstance. Knowing this helps realize that a given reality is non-controllable but the next. You can only control your next movement as reality arises and passes. Your thoughts, however, are often a subject of your historic nature and developed characteristics. This leads to a conclusion that in a given circumstance one can definitely decide to change course and rewire certain patterns in our minds. Simply saying, we can all change how we perceive and view reality and respond to it completely differently than we used to, fixing those troubled patterns which we have developed over time.

Consequences: One of the strongest forms of violence today is verbal. We all know what physical violence can do to a person but some of the most common forms of violence begin with verbally abusive language.

One of the most common side effects of a violent state of mind is domestic abuse and abusive language is what fuels our rage.

Almost everything begins with a misunderstanding, then comes the need for clarity and when that need is unfulfilled (given the pathological nature of thinking and the inability to achieve a clear state of mind) that causes enormous irritation. Then as our irritated state of mind progresses some may not be able to regulate their anger levels.
Then, our actions become completely out-proportioned and irrational.

The result is fear, mistrust, endless types of disorders and failure to function. There are many other consequences of domestic violence, however, the big question is – do those who witness the violence of any type would seek to inflict violence themselves?

Plainly asking, if we take a child and expose him to a repetitive domestic violence would that cause him to repeat the same behavioral pattern or perhaps develop an antidote.
There are cases where our sense of justice comes to live and at a later stage once a child becomes an adult he can imagine the suffering from within. He can literally put himself in another’s person’s shoes and imagine someone else’s suffering. As the child becomes an adult developing tolerance to violence can also impact daily and normative function.


We must understand, even a good person can be abusive. Keeping the most sensible conclusions to yourself sometimes is too much too handle however we must understand that using violence to maintain the level of the hierarchy is almost like going back in time when intelligence had nothing to do with decision making. Things have changed.

The world is filled with violence, from physical to emotional or verbal. I got to witness also emotional types of violence in which one creates an environment forcing the other to “play along”. We must develop zero tolerance to it. As Karl Popper once said:

“If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them. We should, therefore, claim in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant.”


There is a root to all evil, and even if not so evil yet. The root is incompetence.

As interesting as it is I can also catch myself being incompetent the same way. Unable to have the ability. This creates huge amounts of anger and frustration. The only way to overcome incompetence is to surround yourself with a competent environment and an environment which helps resolve psychological conflicts that limit our intelligence and impair creativity.

I believe my opinion counts here, given my personal experience I myself had to work on some levels of my incompetence and create a different framework in which my incompetence can be completely reduced. This proves that incompetence can be reversed given the right circumstance although can be a slow and excruciating procedure as one must overcome his own nature.

So far my chemistry experiment didn’t yield results but I do admit, attempting to create an environment of competence around others has failed for me and I was never able to be competent enough myself to even avoid such situations.

My personal thought on violence is I am firmly against any type of violence. Verbal, Physical and needless to say emotional. According to the wise, we supposed to defend with violence against violence itself. Yet one can only be capable of violence when witnessing it.

Conclusion – We must rethink how we talk, engage in conversations. How we judge others. Become aggressive and angry without limits. How we destroy and abuse others and spread this psychological cancer until it needs to be fought. We must rethink when we let our children witness violence in any form or type or shape. Often mistakenly one can experience violence as a “learning curve” while others know the severity and the impact of experiencing any type of violence as a child.

When I was in school I could smell the violence in peoples home. Those kids would come angry and frustrated to school and would bet up anything in their way. They would get their hands dirty given the chance, this is how the hierarchy is built in their imaginary kingdom. All this while failing to recognize the permanent wounds they inflict, wounds which will stick blocked in one’s memory forever. Surfacing from time to time to remind of the bitter wounds, the selflessness of being.

I never forgot things. There are things which will never be erased. I made sure to remember evil at all times blocked from reach in the back of my mind.


The Guide For Self Fixing:

Step 1 – Recognize the problems, nature dictates all types of circumstance where side effects are inevitable. Our self-evolution of expansion or call it constant progression has come to a point in time where we must re-evaluate our side effects which we have developed given this constant progression of time.

Each and one of us has those side effects and even the smallest actions can have a major consequence. Re-evaluate ourselves and recognize the troubling connections in our minds. You have to get to the bottom of each feeling and experience to establish a clear path of thinking when under the “weather” of those same troubled thoughts and patterns formed in your mind time is essential for removing tension and resolving those encumbered paths of thinking.


Step 2 – Form new connections. As nature might have created us equally and we are all equally deteriorating. Each and one of us deteriorate at the same pace in different time progression sequences but we all have something in common which can help us all. Forming new thoughts and realizations. Forming new and fresh paths of thinking in our minds clearly help prevent memory issues, recover from bad experiences and progress through our minds as the nature of expansion continues. Deterioration is inevitable as part of the expansion process where molecule collapses under itself.

Step 3 – Preserve healthy connections. Learning new things is important and many keep jumping to the next. Expanding too fast was never a good growth rate as it is prone to the volatility of the reverse phenomenon. Basically, if it is “0-100 real quick” it is also usually possible to go from “100-0” as quick as we got there in the first place, however, expanding too fast can erase many healthy connections created as progression continues. Preserving healthy and resolved connections keeps your mind assembled like a well lubricated and tightly maintained vehicle. Sure there are always setbacks and potholes as we progress but the structure and the thought through design are still reliable and keeps the structure together. Do what it takes to preserve those healthy connections.

Step 4 – Control emotions. At the moment of heat, your mind can often be confused with too many signals and you might deal with those signals quite aggressively as they irritate you and cause more angry thoughts to arise in your mind. We must rewire ourselves to evaluate each situation cautiously and pay attention to the details as we find relativity in our perception of reality. Preserving your state of mind in conscious mode is something which you need to learn how to master while angry, as your impulses are beating down and winning against your aggressive emotions. It is not easy but your own well being and the well being of others around you depend on it.


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