Imagine there’s no people, no one to care or no one to turn to. We are all here yet in times it feels the same. Feels that no one cares and everyone is just mean and self-centered and selfish. Unfortunately, it is true in times. In times jealousy can be the reason.

Imagine then a world where jealousy is turned into something else. Your desire to please people Vs. the survival instinct is a constant battle which certain people face, those however who tend to only please themselves are those who maybe will hate more. It is life changing to know that jealousy can be something else. Hate can turn in too empathy and empathy needs to turn to compassion. Otherwise, how would we communicate without compassion?

An old Kabala book says that when you are angry you are not thinking logically. You want to inflict damage without much given thought. It is true that often we tend to do little things when we are angry and think that it is completely nothing. However, given a different situation how would your mind respond if you act impulsively more often than should be. Not everyone’s thermostat is set so easy to control.

We need to practice more on how to control our emotions. Let them go in a positive way. The biggest geniuses turn negative into positive and made our world much more advanced than we ever believed it would be and what did we do as humans? Refused to accept it because it’s new? There is an explanation for that too. According to Einstein’s quote on human mind which I will not mention here just to keep the language clean. The meaning is that it is ok to not know, but we need to show how to know. How to approach learning, how to become better, how to turn negative into positive and do the same for others. Your friends, family and anyone you know. It can be the hardest thing to do in many parts of the world but it has to start somewhere and with you and me is where it starts. Talking is awareness.

It is ok not to know, but it is important to teach. Jealousy is for some a way to advance in their own thinking, but for some jealousy turns to anger and distance and simple denial of real facts.

Imagine you had a friend and he is doing well, generating higher income, maybe even travels often and you are stuck and barely getting through and wondering what did you do wrong. This can go both ways you can resent the person and let jealousy turn you upside down and stay away. The old book of Kabala focuses on this subject of jealousy in many forms. The way I could understand it from my abilities to read and draw information is that jealousy can actually inspire. While experiencing jealousy even if hating that person try to draw thoughts of admiration for a moment. This is especially true if you have a friend who is better than you (or so you think) it is easy to admire your “friend” or college because you have known him for a while. Admire his success for a moment and think how would you [reform in his shoes. Really envision it. How would you be there and happy as you actually watch him progress. Admiration of survival or of success, it is within us.

Draw your conclusions and realize, that he is just like you in a different set of circumstance in a different place of space and time with different atoms and a parallel reality with same universal rules of nature applied. Meaning he has done something to make things happen this way, meaning, you have to move yourself to move others in positive ways and create healthy connections with healthy people who understand that no one is perfect and we all try our best to survive and stay functioning. Those who do not understand won’t learn unless you show them using zero judgment.

Jealousy can turn to admiration in 0.001 seconds if you are well trained. I only got the chance to read about it when I was 20 but I always somehow had it in me. Jealousy was never an obstacle, there were too many other obstacles.



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