You often wonder what this term means as a teenager, then fifteen years later you really understand how important it is to keep your bridges. Show up with clean intentions and keep it clean with one another.

What does it take for a person to understand that trust is like paper, once crumbled it can’t look and feel the same. Wisdom teaches that one must befriend another and help through hard times through commitment and do what he can in a given natural environment to preserve the connection. Therefore to remain truthful to oneself and others one must compare and scale each situation relatively and state facts, not makeovers.

You can burn bridges everywhere. At work or at home with family members. Some bridges have to be burned due to self-defense. But some people burn good bridges which could be easily maintained. Then later try to patch it up like nothing happened and nothing ever changes. The pattern keeps repeating, the conclusions were not embedded and cycled through or call it a lesson not learned.

Some of us just do not learn, and almost pay the price.

I drowned a few times during my adolescence period, at the age of eleven, fourteen and seventeen. At the time of drowning, the sense of helplessness and self-pity are enormous and as a child, those were terrifying experiences. I was saved all of these times from drowning. Saved by brave bystanders who didn’t hesitate to reach out and save me.

That feeling never goes away. We must always maintain healthy connections with our friends and family, talk it over and overcome differences. Obviously not by bringing back those harming people back into your life, but by maintaining the relationships with the good people you have in your life.

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