A Letter To My Haters


If you happen to notice our world is getting a little different.

Nowadays haters can simply attack you through the same channels you are using to promote yourself.

Who are those haters?
Those who are idealistic in their opinions and beliefs and refuse to acknowledge changes and new realizations.

This issue is very concerning, for many people who come to Canada looking for peace only to meet those bullies one on one and be hunted all the time.

What if someone offended you? Would you go above and beyond to destroy his name or would you face him in a peaceful confrontation and seek resolution. Bullies do just the opposite. They only know to gain respect by inflicting terror and their ideas onto others. Regardless of morals, reality or rational basis.

Any sane person knows that hating is bad. Even if you think you have an idea about something and you base your ideology only on that idea. You are a fool.

You need to meet the problem face to face, realize facts and that there is no problem if you chose to solve it instead of dwelling on it all the time and doing which will backfire at you from another point.

If I ever offended anyone, I would obviously apologize given the chance, only when you chose to give me the chance. Simply because I didn’t come here to Canada with war and stupidity. I came with peace and ideas.


What Happens When You Hate?

When I say I am “Passionist” I do not mean it in a religious way. Imagine that there is no religion and people simply need to feel passion on their own, compassion or anything which is arising from the same biological root. Scientifically passion comes from the feeling of love, the more love was given to you. You are more likely to show love towards others.

As our world is progressing towards sharing and caring type of society we must eliminate hate and bullying and replace it with passion.

Passion towards resolution, passion towards solutions, passion towards peace.

When you hate someone who passionate you are simply progressing his success and also trigger his passions to another level.

If you ever listened to a hip-hop song you would often hear a line which describes the procedure very well: “The hating was the fuel for this ****”

In the new world, there are so many innovations and so much more to focus on, that when you hate a person so bad you basically focus on your energy on hate. You bombard him with your negative energy which he then takes and turns into a positive energy in any way possible. You give him energy.

Fake doesn’t last. Therefore you should get to know people instead of hating on them but if those are the people which you do not like simply stay away. You do not have to create unnecessary problems. There are already too many problems which one has on his own to solve.

I am pretty sure my haters have kids and maybe other siblings, I wonder if they teach them to hate as well and give them reasons to hate, hurt and bully others.

In the 15 years spent in the middle east, I witnessed extreme parents teach their kids to hate nations and hurt them, to bully others and get what they want with brute force. This is how they grow up full of hate, not focusing on the really important things in life, growth and general stability. They don’t verify facts or confront problems trying to solve them. They focus on destruction and hurting others to achieve their satisfaction.

Your satisfaction should be in achieving piece otherwise you will live your life in constant battle with yourself, not advancing forward. Science is already far ahead to figure this one out. The problem is that we as the people refuse to understand it, we are after all self-harming creatures, it’s just often we fail to understand it.

So go ahead hate on me, I know my mother gave me all the love. Even though I don’t have her now it is harder to go through challenges as such you are putting me through.

I received all the love I needed to understand what is the difference between achieving your means with love and passion rather than bullying and terror.

Please also remember. Everybody is human. So are you.

Hating has implications for you too.

Show an example stop hating. Start resolving.

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