Practice Is Everything, Multipurpose Locksmith in Waterloo

I remember my first attempt to pick a lock, it wasn’t easy for someone who studied electrics and aerodynamics in school. But it was fun.

Eventually, I figured out how to maneuver the pick tools and eventually turn the cylinder.

It wasn’t easy learning how to be a locksmith in Waterloo region. Responding to emergencies and providing quick repairs to lock cylinders and commercial exit devices.


A Family Of Art:

My grandfather was an artist, drum instrument player in a national orchestra during Soviet times. When things were different, things were hard and you had to make many sacrifices to succeed. One of them is your time.

“Your time has a value” he used to tell me, he saw that my single mother may tell me good things but she herself lacks the ability to learn quickly. Instead, it took lots of attention and willpower to learn something new. It seems that there is a gene in our body that feels anti adaptive and the thought of new often creates an anxiety-like response. It is, in fact, primitive yet it can be found among many of us who are struggling to adapt.



The ability to overcome skill limitations is developed over time. Imagine it this way, if no one ever told you as a child that you should place your hands on the table while you eat at all times as a sign of table manners would you yourself figure it out? Would you then practice it on your own without anyone telling you or encouraging you to practice?

It is funny how opposites work, for example, if someone tells you not to do something you are automatically questioning it and it actually gives you the idea to do it. Yet when it is the “right” thing to do your brain just shuts down and refuses to easily accept and implement information. I guess we do have two characters on our shoulders when one end is the smart goodie tissue angel and the other is the evil negative and dumb hot-headed devil. Whatever you were told not to do you simply wanted to do.

The answer is only if it is interesting, or it is enjoyable like playing a game, as babies, we don’t touch games at first but then they become our only way of living because we become better at them. So we get stuck on it and miss most of the important occurrences which happen throughout our developmental stages. We simply do not realize one little fact. We also tend to not understand it when hearing it.

“You cannot really enjoy something until you become good at it.”



Just like in our example above, learning to place your hands on the table at all times during a meal to keep your hands both in a clean state and visible. This is definitely boring but teaches how systematic we can become. Some quite fast yet for some it would take years. Due to that lack of adaptive thinking where the brain refuses to acknowledge knowledge.

Once you managed to teach yourself some table manners you passed the test, like no chewing out loud which is not recognized as a table manner in many places yet it is one very important European table manner rule.

Practice is the key. Before that comes the memory to remember to practice. To actually mean what you said about willing to practice and when that time comes and your brain is ready you will remember promising yourself to practice.

Practicing how to assist a customer in a lockout took many late hours away from me but somewhere I believe it was important, although fun at first then agonizing later I found only one method which keeps me coming back and getting better. Always mean what you say. It’s embedded better in your memory hearing yourself repeating it multiple times whatever it is that you have promised yourself to do.



It doesn’t matter what you do, you can be an employee of a supermarket waking up every morning and simply do not want to be aware of the potential around you. If you are happy it is ok, but if you are in misery. You must move! Keep on moving, until you find the things which keep you going in a better direction. Away from old and towards new.

Many business owners who call me for office locksmith services, share with me some of their stories and daily struggles. Listening to many people over the years helped me realize the position in which our society is at this point in history.

We only know what we practice – we can read a few headlines or ask a few questions about a certain subject and then we will forget it. Once someone asks us about it we will stumble to pick up the relevant pieces versus someone who is practicing in this field for many years. As a society, we become out of touch with the reality of the world as the world advances beyond our reach. We become the believers of what we read and maybe even refuse to acknowledge new facts.

Everyone remembers that gravity was irrelevant at some point in time. It is the constant path of seeking for answers, that is the path we are on. It is a good path. Always seek more information to improve yourself.

Practice understanding information and interpreting it in a way that can reflect reasonable thinking and logic. Only when actually picking a lock I got to understand how it worked, therefore, you have to not only practice but also cross milestones in order to understand a skill better and to perfect it further.

You can apply it to anything.



The reason you get off the bed in the morning is a purpose. You must not only look for it but find it. You cannot really find it, but often you can also feel the fulfillment of purpose. You experienced achievement through skill and that alone can be satisfying. You may have found your purpose, but then there are times where your purpose is just not fulfilling itself. That is when practice comes handy.

The purpose of a locksmith is to serve you in a lockout or in an emergency and it is a very satisfying job at times, but at times the job becomes difficult and exhausting just like any other job or career in the world.

The world has figured out the cure, multipurpose. Simply find a new purpose which will get you happy off the bed in the morning. You will never be fully happy, ever. But at least you will be practicing multi-purpose.

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