Online Business Quest 2018 | Learning To Grow

Yes, it is me. Eli the locksmith technician. Trust me I was nice to youa’ll and it wasn’t easy waking up at 3:00AM for your calls while you often chose to wake me up for no reason other than lockout service…. Imagine waking up to a service call just to get canceled after you scroll out of bed at 3:00AM FINE ENOUGH COMPLAINING.

I was fair with the service but very disappointed inside. Perhaps at the world, perhaps at my inability to perform better or know better at times. Well.

I learned that your friend can also be your boss, just to discover him as a monster. You can have a partner who can hurt you, just so you can grow and this is enough of an excuse for leaving you behind.

You can have many mistakes made and yet, you. You keep on going, keep on working for what’s yours right? Well so do I, I have been doing just that. Learning to type, learning to write and learning to grow. Learning to design web pages and make automotive keys, Just to show myself that I can too, maybe also do something incredible or impossible.

Learning to code is not easy, it requires ultra focus and the ability to connect new terms and new definitions together to make it look like an A4 web page perfectly aligned and designed. It’s hard, on top of all meeting the requirement of Google for the SEO search which also appeared o be a great challenge.


Reasoning & Motivation:
Don’t you want to do something incredible, or impossible? Don’t you want to make something happen? I do. I want to break the limits. The limits of self the limits of time. Crack the code of our own extraordinary and no not through religion as many of you do. Through knowledge through science or maybe through the profession. Through practice through hands-on working. But sometimes everything is heavy. So, you have to pick a job which gives you the flexibility to do just that.

Being motivated by the excitement of discovery and growth. I imagine the agony running through my thoughts as I am about to read this post again, yet the joy that I feel every time I fix a sentence or erase an idea just to input another instead.

Motivation comes in many forms, is the feeling of reward when you have figured something out. Something that you can do to make yourself and others happy. Something that you can finally relate to and find solutions to. At that moment where you found an endless joy, that’s the motivation to get back to what you do which is the secret of self-improvement and growth.

Consistency: I tried once throwing the basketball into the hoop repeatedly until I started getting better at it. I suck at basketball as a player but given the practice, I can be better. Is it true that consistency is the secret to a life of success and joy?

Many of us present different forms of intelligence and me? Well, I am just a dummy who has enough patience and feels inspired enough to want to do this. Solve problems. As many of you at the moment I am stuck solving my own problems just as you do, frustration, stupidity, lack of skill or stamina in certain areas. Low performance at times. We all get stuck and find room to grow.


Learning to learn:
A few decades of wonder and I realized that I cannot learn in an institution, at least not yet. As a business owner and a potential entrepreneur having a higher education is a necessity and often viewed better than skill. Proof of social acceptance in the educated sphere is something I am always in need of unless it’s the need for social acceptance itself.

I wonder if I will wake up at the age of 70 and discover that my motivation for higher education was falsely inspired by my single mother who never forgot to remind me that I have to study in a university. Just because she herself went there, those were her times, those were her options. Maybe I am not even good at computer codes. What certain is, I know how to find the motivation. Because once knowledge is initiated it cannot be erased. It can be forgotten but once you get back to it you start remembering bit by bit.

Reasoning about the world makes a sane person understand that working for someone else’s dreams just won’t do it.


We do things for a reason. I have seen friends struggle to get by yet their dreams are just a work+time away. Many people are struggling to help themselves acquire powerful knowledge.
I guess I am simply experiencing enough pain to want to do this.
Could we want to do this by experiencing the opposite of pain? Maybe happiness perhaps?
Why can’t I get better when I am satisfied with what I have and I require pain to grow, there must be other ways.

After teaching myself to learn a bit faster, or at least attempting to get better I found myself surrounded with possibilities yet not enough stamina to full fill those aspirations quick enough before they disappear. Ideas often are powerful in our mind yet, in reality, things constantly change and align so there is no way of making things happen fast and the idea goes away. Prioritizing them helps to achieve something worthy.

Some ideas left and some are still left to be discovered and explored later. Then EA Locksmith came along.


Running Locksmith:
Occasionally I get to visit London for some locksmith work. Mostly I provide locksmith in Waterloo, Locksmith in Guelph, Locksmith in Kitchener (Home Town).

Mostly I provide locksmith services in Waterloo Region.

Basically, I am not young as an entrepreneur with no degrees, yet I like to know enough. Not the sharpest pen yet I got a good catch. No the smartest either yet I am stupid enough to learn.
I am not talking about the locksmith. Locksmith service is easy it may be hard to learn but it is easy to repeat just like any other profession. I mean I can install keypads, make car keys which called – automotive locksmith. Install commercial hardware which is – commercial locksmith and get your door unlocked if you are stuck mostly residential locksmith.


Finding Myself:
Question is, how do you find me? Luckily as part of my hobbies is playing with apps and writing new stuff allows google to read my content. The more activity like comments or likes or claps whatever bumps the post. More activity more weight on the backlinks. Another hobby of mine locksmith service websites I got plenty of those. I can backlink to yours if you want! Be careful though if you are a cyberbully, cyberbullying is not new to us so we stand tall against bad intentions. As I find my way in this market I have experienced enough bullying.

OK, so besides coding HTML and learning SEO cause you gotta read all the time I don’t have time to service you all so, please. Chill it with the unnecessary questions. I mean imagine if you wake me up at 1:00 am asking if you can make a house key copy. Come’on!

Finding yourself in this world is what you need before you climb higher. It’s a repetitive process because everything changes. You have to repeatedly find yourself and re-discover yourself in new situations and environments. It’s that finding that you feel when you are in control of your faith (to a certain extent).



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