Consumer Tips: Hostgator Disallow Own Free SSL Certificate

This is me trying to install a free SSL certificate by going toย to generate a free certificate then I encounter another Hostgator issue. If you need a video to help you I found a great walkthrough video on Youtube on free ssl certificate.

Since 2016 I have been using Hostgator services. I cannot describe the frustration that I have experienced with this hosting provider!

My advice is to stay away from Hostgator and chose a local host provider instead.

Read more here about Hostgator.

Once generated the certificate on


which looks like this:


Then I download all the files and try to upload them to my server:



I succeed to upload the Private Key file:


Which looks like this:



Then the issue begins:

When trying to press on CERTIFICATES (CRT) the access is blocked. I cannot upload my own SSL certificates because Hostgator blocked this.


Here is the error I get:



Here is the response from Hostgator claiming I have a free SSL coverage:



Conclusion: if you want to install your own free SSL you better just speak to a more reputable hosting company. I am done with Hostgator.


As an automotive locksmith in Guelph and the area, it is very important to keep our service running smooth and providing the best customer care we aim to perfect our online presence as well, in particular, make it more secure. Hopefully, we will achieve this goal for our customers and for a better more secure future.

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