Cloud Flare is a fast delivery network site. If you want a free SSL image mirroring service you found the right place.

  1. Head over to Cloudflare to create an account:

2. Add your site (we have one which is active but we won’t touch it now):


3. Add the site for free:

4. Connect your site by selecting “On CloudFlare” on everything except mail and webmail:


5. Change your nameservers in your domain’s DNS record to point to CloudFlare and wait for DNS records to update *up to 24-48 hours in most cases.


6. Once Active on Cloudflare install the Real Simple SSL plugin to redirect your site’s traffic through SSL:


Enjoy Cloudflare!


*webmail reroute fix:

If you wish to reroute your mail through your own server rather than CloudFlare you can fix the MX record to point to your site server for the mail address. That’s one option to fix the MX record issue (it does expose your server address):



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