If you found yourself driving around this morning and using the google maps app you probably noticed the icon on the bottom left to report incidents like a crash or mobile speed camera and you can add this report by clicking on one of the options.


As I tried a voice report I didn’t quite succeed for now it’s clicking but I am sure the voice activation is soon to come.

The little icon on the left bottom corner of the screen will likely include more services down the road as Google Maps continuously integrate their sister system Waze into the mix.


I believe google’s AI systems are noticing double use of the Maps and Waze apps at the same time to view both fastest and accurate route travel and important reports like speed or hazards as available on Waze to report. As the double use continues to grow its bring both apps closer together and it will be interesting to watch Waze’s next move as the next on-the-go advertiser. Unless it’s just a pilot and soon on maps app, you will feel a little wazy. Until then we sit and watch as the powerful AI genie takes over preferred advertising. I wouldn’t call it targeted ads because they target behavior patterns in consumers online. Yet sometimes this strategy fails because it loses relevancy or creates resentment in some consumers to the brand for targeting them. Preferred adverting it is a collection of voice and key-typing data into the ad source to retrieve the most preferred ads that likely to answer those needs expressed by us before it even gets online as it is merely pouring out of our minds through our thumbs or words.

Don’t let it frustrate you, think like this. Wouldn’t you want to have the products that could potentially solve your problem very fast and you don’t have to buy them right away? Keep on hating nicely and calmly, just get the idea by drawing from what the ad is showing you and buy something that you actually prefer and not what the ad tells you. The ad is there for your inspiration 🙂


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