Ep.2 My Broken Valentine

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Hello everyone, welcome to the Lyric Podcast… a place where the lyrics get the stage!

I’ll proceed this podcast series with the song called “My broken Valentine” and before we begin,

The lyrics in this episode will focus on a relationship. We can have a long conversation talking about all kinds of relationships, healthy or unhealthy, on a scale from 1 to 10 my relationship is Just like any other, it has it’s ups and downs as the way of nature and often cannot be avoided. Our characters are built with flaws which we find in our own selves and each other.

I hope this episode will help to shine some light on this matter of ups and downs of a relationship in a creative lyric twist.

This episode is dedicated to my wife and my actual gift to her for Valentine’s day. For those of you who do not yet have a Valentine, I wish for you to find just what by me described as one of a kind, a person of your type.

There are many things you can do on Valentine’s day, you can bake desserts. Take expensive trips, give lots of affection and attention to your loved one. However, there is nothing quite like words combined in frames of time. Good words last forever, bad words hurt forever and this is what I wish to spill tonight on Feb 14, 2019, it’s on my mind.

I am very excited to read out this song, most of you will call it a poem, I refer to it as a song and now I give you: My Broken Valentine. Enjoy!


You are my broken Valentine
My love for you I can’t deny
I cook I clean I sweat those dishes
Cause no one cares for you like I

You are my thoughts, my pain
my worries and frustrations.
Like medicine, like mary jane
You’re both, the problems and the answers.
Sometimes you’re driving me insane.

It’s not the person you are now
or how defined.
It’s who you will become, forever mine.
You are my broken Valentine.

I come I go with you in mind
Running my pain and thoughts combined
I stress till dusk and then it’s you I find
Till death will do us part.
My broken Valentine 
Forever in my heart.

I love you, love you not
An old saying, it is true.
Sometimes the hatred is so strong
Erase rewind is what I do.

Your taste embedded in my mind
Forever always, thick and through
Long days or short, you’re by my side
My sin my enemy my boo.

You are my warrior in crime.
Temptations always rise for something new
You are my mirror and my spine
I won’t betray my love for you

Come to my senses as I press rewind
Cleansing my sins again with you.

I come I go with you in mind
Running my pain and thoughts combined
I stress till dusk and then it’s you I find
Till death will do us part.
My broken Valentine
Forever in my heart.



I would like to take the time to discuss what the song “My broken Valentine” and what it meant to me.

The meaning of the term “Broken Valentine” is for a loved one who is from a broken home. I chose this name for the song because it perfectly describes the state of mind of both the poet and the subject in the song, the struggles of a relationship and the commitments along with it.  Coming from a broken home and learning to be in a long term relationship is what I am referring to, raising children together and staying loyal to each other through thick and thin.

Love and relationship don’t come with instructions, it comes with 2 characters who pay attention to understanding each other’s issues and frustrations quick enough, the partners just have to figure each other out and make the best of what there is.
It’s kinda like managing employees if they quit you are the one to blame.
In my case, the magic is there as it always was.

I hope you enjoyed listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.

As we wrap up this episode, if you wish to submit your lyrics and/or lyric ideas to be selected and featured, all you have to do is email to lyricpodcast@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.

Your inspirations are welcome.

Thank you for those who are listening to the Lyric Podcast – Where the Lyrics Get The Stage!



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