Ep.3 Passion

(Best listened with acoustic headphones)
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Hello everyone, welcome to the Lyric Podcast… a place where the lyrics get the stage!

I’ll proceed this podcast series with the song I wrote called “Passion” but before I am about to rap out this new material, a moment of preview.

It was pretty much a live recording on an old AKG microphone with a little after effect and a simple plain beat, you will get to hear and judge in just a moment.

The lyrics in this episode paint a picture of an artist who is looking for his art form and ways of self-expression while struggling with inner distractions and changing environments.

As life goes by, different realizations come to mind and one of them is to preserve the positivity, find something particular that makes you feel more complete about yourself despite the inner negativity. The lyrics refer to an art form which the artist is struggling to find, the struggle for perfection, the realization for the need, and the decision to proceed in hopes to satisfy that need as far as lyrics go.

I personally don’t have to give up my past, in fact, my past is my future in correlation. My past is my inspiration, my past is how I am different from the rest. Forgetting the past is forgetting how you got to be you and dealing with the pain is important.

As I carry my message I also realize that “art is pain”; anywhere the pleasure of art seems to lie, there’s pain. Do not take it as a discouragement but as an explanation of what there is really to accept in this game of life and art.

You probably have a “gut feeling” something you’re not sure about until that feeling becomes stronger than your own self. My gut feeling is that sound makes me feel more alive than anything else.

This episode is dedicated to my grandfather, he was like a father to me, a father I never had. He used to play in the Orchestra back when I was a kid between the ages of 4 and 11. I never got the chance to do anything with the talents which were passed to me as a result of spending lots of listening time near instruments and opera plays. Never got the chance to play anything or to perform, till now, this is where my lyrics “get the stage”.

I will be rapping the lyrics of the song, so without any further delay, I give you my newest, passion.

I’ve got to be up
Need to figure it out
Tell me what is it
You can’t live without
Can’t live without trust
Can’t live without passion
No gain without pain
Can’t rise with distractions.

Been searching forever
Perceptions have changed
Starting to narrow
this mystical game.

People make money
but don’t be confused
The truth is only one thing
and it is to produce.

Seeing is believing
smelling is too
Tasting is healing
like the sounds of a tune.

Out of my misery
out of the blue
This sound is what gets me
feeling like I do.

Learning to play
having me so much fun
Pave a wave of an art form
a burden to come.

They say “might take a lifetime”
just to figure it out
I am perfecting my lyric
as I drift to the sound.

Don’t listen to hate
’cause I am keeping it real
and I got what it takes
then I don’t need to steal.

Do what makes cents
Got my eyes on the prize
Eyes on my back
if you do haters try.

Wanna be up
Got to figure it out
Tell me what is it
I can’t live without

Can’t live without love
Can’t live without passion.
Can’t grow without pain
Can’t grow with distractions.


(Whisper-) Was searching forever
perceptions have changed
starting to narrow
this mystical game

People make money
but don’t be confused
the truth is only one thing
and it is to produce (Ahhhh.)

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