Ep.4 Break (Slightly Explicit)

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Hello everyone, welcome to the Lyric Podcast… a place where the lyrics get the stage!

I’ll proceed this podcast series with the song I wrote called “Break” but before I am about to rap out this new material, let’s have a moment of preview.

Dealing with issues like procrastination and depression isn’t easy. No one understands, no one can help but your own self. Sometimes your inability to perform can make you or break you. Focusing on future self can be hard, a future you is a stranger who appears to be very intimidating and distant from the current you. But, the less you think about making your next move and the more you focus on the actual move you’re making, Judging whether it is a bad move or a good move for you, it would make more sense and the more you pay attention to just making that next move somewhere in between there’s a paradoxical point and that’s what you’re looking for. Staring at a blank screen is something you want to do, feeling the void is as equal as feeling the light on the opposite scale.

As soon as you accept that sometimes you will face hard times and words might not come out of your mouth for lack of ability in the moment. It’s just another void to fill, so start by opening your laptop or grabbing a pen, write down anything that comes to mind. Your sentences will soon turn to stories, songs, essays the rest just depends on your personality.

Although you will feel discouraged before making a move, beating your procrastinating demons, making that first move towards creation is the solution to all of your problems.

Now, you made a move, you started something, then it’s just about finishing what you’ve started. To win the battle of those conflicting emotions you must have a recipe which works for you.

We all deal with this issue of worthiness differently, some might draw a painting to make themselves feel better. Some spend their time on the job every day to make themselves feel worthy and alive. At this point in our existence, there is too much to do. Hating your job is just not an option, it means there’s more room in your mind to grow, learn, process and store. Don’t let your talent get wasted!

The one thing I found working for me besides making music is writing lyrics. Lyrics are a great way to learn a language and gain language stamina, apart from learning to rhyme with words, lyrics are just another method of expanding your vocabulary in a fun creative way.

Some people chose lyrics over sound and some people focus only on producing. I like doing both, creating lyrical tales to the sound or vice-versa is a great feeling because you are actually improvising and matching words with flows together as the beat plays live.

You are creating a parallel lyrical symphony to the beat which is being played at that moment. When talking depression the best way to overcome it is to do something you like and in my case, this is what I love to spend my time on. My lyrics, if you feel the same way you are welcome to join this adventure and send over your lyrics, a song you wrote to be selected and featured on the podcast. As soon as I have a favorite you will be the first to know.

The lyrics in this episode are focusing on tackling negativity and depression, our reality is harsh.
Sometimes elevating the mind is the best remedy, after all, it’s a game for the mind and sometimes it’s much more. To make the eureka happen you must experiment with the craft you’re working on, and spend much of your time repeating your craft to actually make it better.

There are endless possibilities to what your lyrics can do. They can make a person laugh, or cry. But no matter what it is that they do, they must make you feel something or remember something. Because if there’s no something, it won’t be remembered. Good thing to experiment is to showcase your lyrics in front of numerous people to see what types of responses you get. How do people feel your lyrics? I did the same and hoping to get more feedback on this one.

This will be another episode where I will be rapping the material…

Now I am no expert on flows, but recently when watching snoop dog mocking all the new style rap flows which concurred the stage in recent years. I realized that it is better to rhyme in random flows to make it more interesting, you can turn on the radio and hear yet another “I crack this crack that” type of lyric. As much as we all love the mainstream, we or at least I still think we need a good story and we all look for them good stories, in songs, in movies, and in life.

Often that good story can be told and spread out over a whole album of songs before you will relate to the character and often than not it’s that one song that stood out the bunch which will speak to you both musically and lyrically, telling the story you want to hear or can relate to in an instant.

No matter what it is, the paradox is that you have to break it in order to make it.

The song called “break”, let’s go!

Path to success
I do what it takes
Making my steaks
I am making mistakes.

Pain in my chest
It’s hard to digest
Never confess
I blow in excess

No flex no ego
I am as clear as can be
Brain scattered, pick myself
too much pressure on me
Something inside of me is about to break
Put myself on the map
C’ause I need an escape.

Troubleshoot these problems
Find a better way.
Positive vibes
and make e’m stay

don’t call me a rapper
cause I don’t stand a chance
white dude, I am a camper
imma pull up my pants
When I wake up in the morning
gotta act right
haters talk behind my back
till it’s time to fight.
Better act smart
rather than being right.

Spray it on the internet
Just a part-off life
Ye I roll the dice man
I Don’t need advice.
Never think twice man
I ain’t Mr. nice
social anxiety
living double lives,
behind the camera
finding our disguise.
×2 No telling what is real
When it’s full of these headlines
Making mistakes yea im my stakes

Wrote this s****
sitting in my whip
Ima sleep in this b***
if she would be a crib
calls in a row
I am making my shift
If you wanna see reviews
check my comments on Lift

No hate mate
let’s just get it straight
When I talk up in this b****
I communicate
My ideas overwhelm you till it’s no-debate
light up the hood
Imma blow out the haze
call it a mistake I ain’t taking breaks
standing on that beat like its a P***take
Ye, I blew an OZ yet I’m driving straight
Psychosis, paranoia and stomach ache.

Face-ups n downs
Gotta punch through these walls
Took me 6 months
working off on my flows
99 problems
put it all in (my backpack)
girls ain’t one got em hung on (my n*****k)
I am about to break I am about to break.
You don’t own it till you do what it takes. Na.

Make tunes I blow in excess
blow kush till I pass out
Lower my stress
Got to Express my genuineness
Gotta confess too much pain in my chest
No competition
Play them like chess
Can’t copy me cause I m just a mess
Bad habits
Call me marry-obsessed.
Got that voice
Screaming out of my chest.

Stay broke rapping
Cause the money tight
Ima write these lyrics
Ima be alright
Riding that train
till I blow out the mike
Tucking you tight
till it is a good night
I ama finish
making sure that you sprite.
Peace out the puzzle
do it all in formations

always insecure I f**** up my relations.
I am about to break X 2
Making mistakes? yea I am making my stakes.
I flip back do things the hard way,
Don’t know nobody else who can do it my way.
Pull up the stakes too much cake on my plate.
You don’t own it till you do what it takes. Na.

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