Ep.5 Don’ Preach Don, Teach!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the Lyric Podcast… a place where the lyrics get the stage!

I’ll proceed this podcast series with a short episode I made for “you people”. Called “Don’ Preach”.
First, the song, and then we get to talk about it:

(*Song Intro)

Don’ Preach, Don’t preach apart
Let’s teach!
Let’s wear a poppy to remember the bravest hearts
and talk about it
Share your story
and Reach as many people you can reach

Just like we reach for the stars
back to where we belong
as we bleed in our fight against the wrong
singing  words of familiar songs.

Winds of war fell all over
Sometimes I think about it when it’s all over
another fight is just begun
a fight for justice, another barrier to overcome.

and when it’s done I’ll be the one
and it’s no matter where you from you will belong
Let’s get to know each other we stay strong
hating less, more love in every home
And when we talk about the people
whom you’re referring to in your speech
Some need a neighbor,  a brother or a father.
just someone help to understand someone to teach.

So please papa don’t preach don’t preach

Just show us an example, your story to each.
What we expect as Canadians
Is that the hate and jealousy won’t radiate
Best place on Earth ye we all here camping
Culture clash there’s nothing more exciting

With all the wisdom eh? Reassure us at last!
You are a Wiseman, but you’re tired perhaps.

My grampa used to tell me,
and his words never leave my mind:
as you fall is how you are remembered
some memories fade away in time

The wife says:
Hey, Don don’t preach, don’t preach
let’s take a moment of silence
better yet learn and teach!
We are stronger when we have an alliance.

I love you, you love me
We are the true north now
a big huge family
Born to be free in our way
in this society.


But I realize now it was all a mistake
A few wrong terminologies have determined your faith
maybe a few more poppies out there to be worn was your point
Sadly the timing was wrong and now we’re out here smoking this joint.

I forgive you for mistaking me for ignorant
somethings I hear cannot stay indifferent
I’m not sure if you’re guilty, I know nothing
I hear their words – and they’re saying you’re not innocent
they’re saying there’s a plot.
and that’s all that I got.


This melody was originally made for the upcoming “Weed Song” episode however the timing was such that it fitted perfectly into this emotional mix of pop culture.

Everyday events shock or rock our world and this event, in particular, sparked a great deal of conversation all over the nation.

No, I wasn’t born here, but I also wasn’t born in my previous place of living either and the one prior to the previous one. It makes me a non-native in 3 countries in which I have lived so far. People who have experienced culture can relate to the same thing, anywhere on earth can be home. Even if we land elsewhere in the universe. It’s what we make it be, it’s the reality we shape with our own hands. It’s the flaws of the system we battle, often battling our own flaws which we as humans aren’t even aware of at times as developing and evolving creatures we are bound to make mistakes, and this what strikes the most fear in me.

So, at the end of the day scientifically speaking we are pretty much solidly the same.
The paradox is that as we are the same and we are also different at the same time another paradox is that it’s both ugly and beautiful at the same time, another paradox is that it’s both good and bad to be so different at the same time. So over time we have evolved to live among each other and strive to the positive part of the paradox, if you ask me there is an alternative reality, we share one but our sub-realities are different, the problems are common but the way we solve them is different the way we see the world is different as we are one dependant on the other in our society which is again a paradox. Am I overdoing it?

We battle each other, hurt each other throughout history yet we still come back trying to forgive trying to rebuild what’s left. The point is, we’ve come so far yet we are just a fraction in time so all the time we have, we learn and we teach, that’s all there is.

As we take a few steps back to reflect on our reality, it’s clear. This lingo was here all along. But now as we enter the digital age it is important to commemorate such an event where someone gets fired from national TV by using the words “You People” I believe usually referred to people I am not sympathetic with or any way you wish to put it.

Unfortunately, today’s this is the reality. You have to be relevant and as soon as you become irrelevant just for 10 seconds and cuts are needed someone must go and this maybe was the case after all.

So what happened to free speech? How Don gets hurt like that? Well, politics are everywhere you just have to be a good politician and the best politician will educate his surroundings the most while offending the least amount of people, that’s just what seems to work in this day and age of digital media! It’s all about timing and sometimes, the timing is just right.

{Some people search entire lives for better
But ain’t no better place on earth like home
Some never make it dreaming about this cheddar
You say too much and you may end up all alone.}

The end!

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