Continuous Hinges Are Stronger

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If you recently had a problem with your front door it was because of a known problem you probably have worn out hinges, Hi I am Sally owner of Sally’s Pizza best pizza in town. I got stuck with a problem last winter. Usually, my front doors work fine and the people are happy to swing them passing in and out of the store. Some hungry for pizza, some deliver the pizza to the customers. Some even eat the pizza on their way out of the store as they push and swing the door open.

I learned my lesson through my mistakes, every time that the story goes on. I wake up to a new problem and some don’t have solutions, but this problem was, in particular, very annoying. What it has to do with continuous hinges you ask? Well.

It was a very quiet morning on the second of January of the beginning of 2020, some people still sleep as 8 am approaches, some people rush their minds up to their targets, some just live to breathe and find all the little things they need to survive. But back to me, here I was in front of my store staring at was unfolding in front of me, you see I was exposed to things way too early in my life to my view. And because of my early exposure which I wasn’t mature enough to handle I am definitely able to say I have made some mistakes. Mistakes which are a part of me, which sadly make me who I am.

So somethings aren’t good to be discovered early, but nature is such that there is a paradox, so in the same world at the same time other rules of nature exist. Early exposure to certain information, can save you time, it might save your career, it might save your life. I wasn’t aware of the fact that my hinges are rusty and they are so worn out that they can be snapped with significant ease. “They snapped them..” I thought.

I had a break-in, now it’s time to figure it out, what I should have done in the first place. How I should have managed my life and time or maybe paying to much attention to the spiritual rather than the physical things which are around, like the problems which are waiting to be solved at the hands of a procrastinator? All of those things come to mind when you are robbed, it is only when bad things happen we are able to beat ourselves up and rethink the way we prepare ahead. But hear this, I am warning you this is a repetitive pattern only broken by passing the message on and on.

“Prepare better, install stronger hinges in fact maybe even continuous hinges.” said the guy from the local lock company. I am always local, I make pizza for people, me and continuous hinges have more differences than locksmith and pizza but that day that locksmith got lucky, he got a very nice slice of pizza and a pop too!

The locksmith guy educated me about all the types of commercial locks and hinges and continuous hinges, how they work and carry heavy doors. Continuous hinges last long and stay strong and all that was among the words the locksmith guy was saying..

They didn’t take much, just my pride. My trust in people, but hey not all people. I don’t trust thieves anymore, I know what you will say. I guess it has to happen to some, and they learn, not that robberies exist but they learn to be more resilient or prepared for next time, so I guess there needs to be the last time as well. Sad reality. We make it happy. Using knowledge, problem solving and trust. Those who don’t carry that message will be out thanks to CCTV, continuous hinges and local locksmiths I trust to install them.

And, when I am done crying about the pains of life, what doesn’t kill me, in fact, makes me more alive or stronger. Like continuous hinges, evolved over time to be “stronger than ever!”

Sally out.

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