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There are in fact different types of garage doors with different mechanisms, for starters the most common is roll up and then you have the swing out or swing up garage door. Then comes the sliding garage door which is not so common is Waterloo region according to sources. These garage doors require constant maintenance, the most convenient of them which is the most commonly used in our region of Waterloo is, of course, the roll-up garage door. Among all garage doors, the roll-up door requires the most maintenance. it’s a type of system which based on a chain of events just like a car if the spring is broken there is nothing to help lift the door. If the cables are ripped then the door is no longer connected to the system. If the sensors are faulty the door can no longer automatically move and may need service since repairing it on your own can be dangerous! On the other hand, the chain process ends up making it relatively easy to repair and the service technician can simply switch the faulty part.


Traditional Roll-Up Garage Doors

Traditional Single Garage Door Kitchener Waterloo Garage Door Repair

It’s the most typical garage door with the square shape windows on top usually 3 per door. You can customize your garage door style but you can never go wrong with traditional. Depending on your door style taste you can order the traditional design in multiple selections of colors like “hunter green” or “desert sand” or the typical “off-white” color to switch your existing door. The traditional shape is great for standard looks and easily replaceable, unlike the custom doors. Also when selling your house some people tend to pick traditional garage doors simply due to their low repair costs compared to other styles.

Contemporary Roll-Up Garage Doors

contemporary garage door

It’s a modern design of the new era of garage doors, installed typically in new homes around Kitchener Waterloo who use contemporary designs these designs are available on demand. In the near future local architecture might start changing and by that time contemporary might be next to become the favorite type of door. You can select and customize the size, the colors, the material and the style of glass you would prefer to have on your contemporary garage door.

Carriage House

CARRIAGE HOUSE garage door.jpg

These are historic design garage doors and are worth every dollar, due to their solid structure and well-patterned designs. The doors can be made of different materials such as “Natural Wood” or “Steel” or “Composite” or “Aluminum&Glass” all depending on the nature of your demand.

Repairing your garage door spring can be difficult and dangerous, before approaching a broken spring you will need to take proper steps to defuse the tension of the spring before attempting removal or touching it at all!


Garage Door Materials:

Garage Door Repair in KW EA Locksmith Inc.

Picking material for your garage door is also important, wood garage doors are authentic but require an enormous amount of treatment and refinish. Steel is less complicated than wood because steel only requires rust proofing and easy to dent.

The best choice, of course, is the aluminum garage doors with laminated dent resistance panels and extruded frames. Made of lightweight materials these doors are most common and they do not put as much pressure on your garage door opener.



Garage Door Repair In Waterloo Ontario and Kitchener area EA Locksmith from the blog

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Every time your garage door opens and closes your spring turns and the tension which creates the “easy lift” effect takes a toll on springs and when the weather changes the metal also loses it’s solid composition and starts gaining fatigue. In the end boom! Your garage door slides down and crashes, that is when you need a garage spring repair!

When seasons change our garage door parts change shape as well, you might not notice that because it will not be visible to the naked eye. The metal components in your garage door tend to change temperature and that change in temperature, as well as other conditions of nature, affect those metal parts.

Tension (Torsion) springs are the most common springs used in home garage doors in Kitchener Waterloo, they are the main component in your garage door opening process. Without it, your door will not operate normally, preventing spring failure can help avoid those difficult and urgent situations where you are panicking and looking for a garage door technician to help you in your emergency.

Torsion springs tend to wear out within 10 years according to some experts, however, considering our volatile climate here in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario customers often say with some springs it happens a lot sooner and it also depends on your actual daily use.

Test your garage door: First, disconnect the auto garage door opener. The door shouldn’t move and slide, if it slides a bit it is best that you call a garage door repair service to check it up. Second test if you passed the first is to position the door half-way in the center and test for static. If the door is too heavy then you will certainly need a new spring. Call us today in case you are in need of a garage door repair technician to schedule an appointment!


Our Customer Service: The understanding of customer service comes only with experience and this is something we are traditionally proud of. The ability to make a customer smile at the end of the process is very precious to us. Therefore we put a large amount of effort to achieve your satisfaction through our customer service and reliability!

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Garage Door Cable Repair Waterloo-Kitchener EA Locksmith.jpg

  1. Consider an insulated garage door when choosing a garage door for your home as it’s more durable and slick on design.
  2. Consider insulating your existing garage door to prevent street noise and save on heat costs. Insulating your door you can pick from many materials including Batt insulation, it’s made of fiberglass backed by paper or foil it’s very cost efficient and simple. Consider also Foam Board Insulation, it is a bit more costly but does provide a relatively high insulating value for little thickness of 4inch. Insulating your garage door is mostly relevant if you are actually using your garage most of the time during the winter months. Consider also adding a weather stripping lines on the side and bottom rails and make sure they are new.
  3. Using a penetrating solvent to oil up your rollers, hinges, roller tracks, as well as the bearings, is a good idea. This will make your door operate smoother and will not exhaust your door opener motor.
  4. Make sure no weather stripping is caught in the way, remove if necessary to prevent a potential jam.
  5. If you have a lock on your garage door spray lube on the key and carefully slide the key inside the cylinder to lube the pins, some still use garage door locks and they require lube, as they are exposed to the outside weather conditions.
  6. Check for wire tear along the sensor wires, often that sensor failure can jam your door and it is required to replace any faulty or exposed wire to prevent unnecessary future repair.

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