Honest Locksmith Guelph

Honest locksmith service doesn’t have to come at a high price. But it is important for the sake of honesty that you are able to afford a service before calling it!

Automotive Locksmith Hamilton

The convenience of having multiple locksmith service providers in the automotive sector is available in Hamilton. EA Locksmith is actually expanding its automotive service range beyond Waterloo region. Imagine you had to deal with an unexpected key loss in the middle of the night or a busy work day. While searching for a tow truck or aContinue reading “Automotive Locksmith Hamilton”

Cheap Locksmith! by EA Locksmith

Unplanned expense and unpleasant stress,

Leaves you looking for a cheaper hand to help you in success,

Unlocking your business,

Returning peacefulness and duplicating happiness.

What is that sir? What if it says?

You know the buttons which to press; it’s up to you I guess.

While popping locks and making hours in excess
your satisfaction is the key to my richness.

Last Friday Night – Car Lockout Kitchener

When we find ourselves locked out of our car, we freak out. Unless you have “the guy” always on speed-dial “Just in case!”

Key Tips : Locksmith On Time!

Key tip for a locksmith on time. Lately complains have been coming in about an on time locksmith service. Here’s key tips.

Locksmith Service Kitchener

We have a few tips in case you managed to lock yourself out that will save you some of the stress involved. You are welcome to read more of our Kitchener Locksmith Stories – on our Blogger page! The first thing to do is not to panic – being stressful does not help your situation. Try toContinue reading “Locksmith Service Kitchener”

24 Hour Locksmith

24 Hour locksmith, usually something you would type on a cold night if you are locked out side your house. We totally understand that you are not in a position with an advantage and you need help, been there ourselves. We know lock out situations can be tough and challenging in some situations and weContinue reading “24 Hour Locksmith”

Ignition Key Repair

Ignition Fatigue — For many years fatigue has been the most common cause of ignition failure. The materials that compose the ignition are made of metal of course but contain cast aluminum and zinc mixtures as far as my experience goes. These materials experience light fatigue elements that come with extreme cold or heat. These changes inContinue reading “Ignition Key Repair”


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